Friday, 9 March 2012

Cuti sekolah sudahpun bermula

pada cuti sekolah saya bermain badminton bersama emak saya pada waktu petang.Pada waktu pagi pula saya makan-makanan yang berkhasiat dan makan-makanan yang memberi saya tenaga.Selepas saya makan saya membantu emak saya membuat kerja.Kemudian saya mengelap cermin tingkap yang begitu kotor.Selepas saya mengelap cermin tingkap saya berehat di kerusi dengan lenanya.Dengan berahirnya ucapan itu maka tamatlah cerita ini.

okeh... let me explain this. what a story created by amni. sabar ja la.
1. actually, we are playing badminton but in the morning, not evening. she was angry with me because i am being such a sincere mother. truly sincere. i play like who i am. i draw like who i am. i play sahibba like who i am.. frankly i never give her chances to win. why? because i want to teach her to accept the reality of life. u can't win all the time. but of course she will cry when she lose, then i will explain to her that i am older than her and gain more experience through my life. when she was at my age she also has chance to win - over her daughter/son of course!

2. actually, she help me to clean the fan not the window! and yes i agree that our fans are dirty. i had been planned to clean it up for almost 2 months. but - errrr... ah just forget it. let bygone be bygone. the most important thing is i had cleaned all the 6 fans with amni's help. thank you dear.

3. and one more thing, i taught her to fried a rice. nasi goreng ikan masin.

4. she iron her clothes but accidentally she touch the iron and burn herself. then after that she stop helping me.

(she was bored because her twin brothers still sleeping and i conquer the tv. watching life unexpected for two hours..hehe)

p/s: i blog in english eventhough my english is disaster. thank you.

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